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Additional air heating in drying system

Dogrevanje zraka

Customer requirements:

  • raising the drying air temperature in a cyclone dust particle dryer by 100 C - from 250 C to 350 C
  • 24/7 system operation
  • absolute operational safety

We manufactured a 550 kW heating unit consisting of six 91.7 kW heating modules. We implemented a PID regulation of the system with associated power cabinet and controls. Safety was ensured with safety thermostats and an air flow sensor. The system is equipped with a Siemens Simatic S7 controller and an HMI.


Air heating in fruit kiln

Customer requirements:

  • specified dimensions of the ventilation duct
  • required ?T
  • safe operation in wooden building

We produced a heating cartridge with a protective housing and a safety thermostat on the housing and in the heating cartridge. The controls of the ventilation drive were connected to the regulation of the heater operation. The controls of the heaters and the motor were set up with a delay due to limited connection power.


Heating of sulphuric acid in tank

Ogrevanje  veplove kisline v rezervoarju

Customer requirements:

  • heating of sulphuric acid for specified ?T in an existing container
  • smooth loading of material into the container and mechanical protection of heaters


Due to the requirement to install heating in an existing tank, installation was only possible from the top. Due to the change in the sulphuric acid level when there is no material in the tank, it was necessary to ensure that the heaters left unsubmerged in the air would not overheat.

We developed a heating unit that has an integrated level switch, suitable dimensions, and a mechanical protection against damage.

The regulation for the control of individual units is connected to a level switch, which guarantees the long lifetime and safe operation of the system.


Additional air heating in existing air duct

Dogrevanje zraka

Customer requirements:

  • providing the desired ?T at the specified air flow and cross section of the air duct
  • acid resistant heating system


We dimensioned an acid resistant version of a heating cartridge in accordance with the specified restrictions. It uses tubular heaters with cooling fins. This design solution enables easy servicing.


Reconstruction of hydraulic press heating system

Sistem ogrevanja hidravli?ne stiskalnice

The customer had a hydraulic press which no longer achieved the desired temperature accuracy. The press plates were heated indirectly via a temperature control device and heat transmission oil.

The system was reconstructed by installing a 55 kW heater on the DN100 flange and by setting up a new power and regulating installation, which was integrated into the existing sensor system of the press. We regulated the operation of the heat transmission oil pump with a frequency regulator and established a safety connection between the pump motor and the heater. We installed protections against overheating of the heat transmission oil.


Universal solution for heating cold forging tools

Customer requirements:

  • heating of tools for aluminium forgings at up to 200 C
  • high vibration resistance
  • possibility of rapid tool changing (industrial connectors)
  • use of the same control cabinet for multiple tools


The heating system was supplied with a special heating plate that is placed under the tools by the customer to indirectly heat the forging tools.


Implementation of separate heating of two tool halves

The customer's request was to heat two halves of an aluminium casting tool to different temperatures and implement a dual-zone temperature regulation. A temperature resistance of up to 700 C was requested for heaters and connections due to the possibility of melt dripping.

The heating was provided via dual-zone cartridge heaters with integrated thermocouples and dual-zone regulation. We satisfied all customer requirements and ensured a stable and accurate system operation.


Nylon filament heating solution

The customer achieved a temperature of 95 C in nylon filament production with steam heating. The required temperature in the production process was 115 C.

We manufactured a heating insert with a PT100 probe and a control cabinet with three-zone regulation. We established a connection to the central information system of the manufacturing machine (on, off, alarms).


Flow heater for heat pumps

Preto?ni grelec za toplotne ?rpalke

This electric water heater functioning as a flow boiler is custom made and adjusted to be mounted into heat pumps. The material is stainless steel, there are electric heaters of various wattage in the tube, and a thermostat which controls water temperature.

It can be adjusted to different types of heat pumps with its size as well as electric features.


Acid-proof flange heater

Kislinsko odporen preto?ni grelec ve?je mo?i

The customer needed to heat water for sanitary needs in a public institution. The implementation required was acid-proof.

We deigned a heater with electric power 30 kW / 400V on a flange PN16 / DN150. The heater consists of 9 segments which can easily be replaced in case of failure. All parts are made of suitable acid-proof material. The heater has an adjustable capillary thermostat and a protective thermostat against overheating. All parts are built inside the protective cap with cover.


Heating of electrolytic cell

Izdelava ogrevanja elektrolitske celice

Our mission was to perform electric heating of graphite electrolytic cell on its bottom, sheath and outlet tube. Desired temperature was over 1000 C. We managed to build three heaters with common power of 7550W.


Double-zone cartridge heater

Dvopodro?ni grelec

Double-zone cartridge heater was developed for a two zone heated tool. Because of two switchable zones / four connection leads it is possible to have four different heating modes with one heater.


Oil heating device for rotor oiling

Naprava za ogrevanje olja in oljenje rotorjev

The device is used for oil heating up to 130 C. Then rotors are dipped into the vessel for 2 hours. Heating is performed with ceramic electrical heaters. Temperature is regulated with two electronic temperature regulators and one safety thermostat. The device is made of stainless steel and isolated with 50mm thick mineral wool.


A machine for the heating of glue nozzle

Naprava za ogrevanje  obe za lepilo

A customer had problems with the remains of the glue in the nozzles which solidified during the standstill phases of the process. The problem was solved by designing a appliance for the heating of the nozzle into which the nozzle can be put after its use. The temperature in the appliance can be set according to the needs and prevents the glue to solidify and disable the nozzle.


Tubular heater for the heating of sintering chamber

Cevni grelec za ogrevanje pe?i za sintranje

A custom-made tubular heater produced according to the requirements of a customer to be used in the sintering process.


A device for the heating of numeric heads

Naprava za gretje numeri?ne glave

The device is used for the heating of the numeric head Cemark MB 4. The customer used the numeric head to mark intermediate products; however, mechanical marking proved to be insufficiently visible, therefore signs on the marking head had to be heated to burn into the surface of the product (a similar function as with the heated stamp). The temperature on the device can be changed to heat up the numeric head according to the requirements of the material that is being marked.


12kW flexible tubular heater of 5,6m length

12kW fleksibilen cevni grelec dol ine 5,6m

This flexible tubular heater is a solution developed as an alternative to a heater-cermaic insert with similar dimensions and the same power which the customer uses for the heating of water. With this sustainable solution we cut their operation costs, as previous heaters had to be frequently fixed or even replaced due to their construction and working conditions.


Folded heater

Prepognjeni grelec

A customer wanted to heat a valve of a hydraulic machine in the depth of 1,5m in the shortest time possible to be able to dismantle and clean it.

The customer was offered our folded heater of 1,34m lenth and 6000W. The advantage of this heater to heat along the whole surface, including the tip, proved to be very effective and valuable in this case. The valve, for which the maintenance workers under 'normal' conditions would need up to 2 days to unscrew, was worked loose in only 4 hours.


Capping machine

Naprava za apliciranje kapic

A customer producing fruit and vegetable juices, who has its own filling plant, was looking for a heater for a capping machine. They also looked for a Slovene producer of the whole machine.

We produced a heater for the existing machine and produced a new machine based on the old one with an integrated tubular-spiral heater. According to the customer, the machine works really well and is a cheaper option compared to a similar imported machine.

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