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Tubular heaters on threaded flanges

Category: Tubular heaters

  • tubular heaters on standard (inch) flanges: 1?, 5/4?, 6/4?, 2?, 21/2?, or to order for the customer (material: brass or stainless steel)
  • in most cases, they are used for heating air or liquids and are also suitable for the heating of chemicals, oils, and fuels, with or without protective caps, if appropriate materials are used
  • construction: stainless steel in different qualities
  • dimensions: 6.5mm,  8.5mm, 10mm, up to 4000 mm of straight length of tube
  • connection voltage: 230 V or 400 V, or in agreement with the client
  • depending on the intended use, a surface load of up to 20 W/cm
  • versions/shapes: according to the customer's plan or wishes
  • option of installing sensor and safety elements (operating and/or safety thermostat)

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