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Tubular heaters on DN flanges

Category: Tubular heaters

  • tubular heaters on larger (DN) flanges are in most cases used for the heating of liquids, air and gases; if appropriate materials are used, they are also suitable for the heating of acids, alkali, water, oils, and fuels
  • use: hotels, hospitals, the pharmaceutical and food industry, and other industries
  • construction: stainless steel in different qualities
  • tube diameter:  6.5mm,  8.5mm,  10mm, 12.5 mm, 16mm
  • length: from 350 to 4000 mm of straight length
  • single-phase or three-phase version
  • connection voltage: 230 V or 400 V, or in agreement with the client
  • depending on the intended use, a surface load of up to 20 W/cm
  • versions/shapes: according to the customer's plan and wishes
  • option of installing sensor and safety elements (operating and safety thermostat)
  • option of delivery and implementation with external control

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