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Silicone heater

Category: Silicone heaters


  • heating of flat surfaces
  • heating of curved surfaces (pipes, barrels, etc.)




  • self-adhesive heaters
  • installation with fasteners



An advantage of the heaters is that they are manufactured using a CNC machine, which means that the shape of the heater can be perfectly adapted to the client's wishes. The heaters can be integrated with thermostats and safety elements with different temperature ranges. Depending on customer requirements, the heaters can be equipped with various connecting cables of any length.


The temperature range for the operation of silicone heaters is -60 to +230˚C.


They are most commonly used for the following purposes:

  • catering - reheating food
  • elimination of condensation
  • frost protection in different branches of industry
  • tempering
  • melting snow
  • preventing condensation


Silicone heaters are heaters with a low thermal mass, excellent electrical insulation properties, easy fastening, and very good protection against external influences.

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