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Cartridge heaters – folded

Category: Folded heaters

The folded cartridge heater (PGP) is intended to heat tools, worktops, etc. where the holes are worn or drilled larger than the standard dimensions that require a tight fit (e.g. a standard cartridge heater ø 12.5 mm requires a tight fit), while PGP ø 12.5 mm permits a hole of ø 12.8 mm or more). Because of its design, PGP thus adapts to the hole while heating and shrinks when it cools down, which makes it easier to remove. A special feature of this heater is also the heating along its entire length, including the tip.


Outer diameter of the heater: ø 9.5 mm, ø 12.5 mm, ø 16 mm


Length: from 100 mm

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