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Cartridge heaters

The high-performance cartridge heaters from VIMOSA d.o.o. are manufactured with state-of-the-art rotary forging technology.


Cartridge heaters (or heating cartridges) are intended for the heating of tools, nozzles, work tops, knives, packing machine clamps, hydraulic presses, the ignition of pellets, etc. They can also be used to heat liquids and gases on different flanges.


Due to their exceptional robustness and dimensional flexibility, they have a very wide range of uses. They are used in the automotive, shoemaking, rubber, food, textile, foundry, and wood industry, as well as in many other industries.

Different types of connections are possible as well as the installation of J and K thermocouples.

Different versions of cartridge heaters

Different versions of cartridge heaters

VPGs (high-performance cartridge heaters) achieve surface loads of up to 30 W/cm NPGs (low-performance cartridge heaters) achieve surface ...

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